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The dictionary online resource has become one of the most valued and utilized resource that has been made available to the public. You also have many other websites that offer definitions to a plethora of words. The audience is growing more and more from the students in the elementary grades as well as high school to the college and graduate school students. It is an great asset to use, as it can help to increase a students grade, and also help to learn and memorize different words and vocabulary.

Not only can students utilize the online dictionary websites, but professors as well as non-students can use it. Even when they are on the go, the resources are on today's Android phones or Ipads in the applications. Say a student or even a professor is looking for the definition of, let's say for example, "Encourage". Instead of someone searching in an actual paperback dictionary, they would use the option of the cell phone with a dictionary application on it, or they can go to a laptop or computer to search for the word.

Now the definition for "encourage" is; to inspire with courage, spirit or confidence." It takes less time to look up, find and read the definition online as oppose to someone using a paperback dictionary. You can also use online encyclopedias as well. It is also an excellent website because not only does it give you the definition of words you need to know, but it gives you the history or the term of words such as the root word, others word that mean the same which are synonyms as well as the antonyms, which means the opposite.

You can also get examples of sentences in which the word fits, and context clues of what the word may mean, without getting the exact definition. Like the word that was used earlier, "encourage", a great sentence would be, "The athletes coach encouraged him to keep running the race of the marathon, that he wanted to give up on." Now if one did not look up the definition online, just with those context clues in the sentence, the student could see that the word means to inspire.

Another definition for or "encourage" based on the context clues without using a "meaning dictionary" would be to uplift. To encourage someone would be to uplift and bring their spirits higher than what they already are. Having all of these resources makes learning new words or term of words that much more enjoyable.

The creation of the "meaning dictionary" or online dictionary appears to be a great success because it helps students as well as professors look and search for words without the hassle of the paperback dictionary. It is very convenient especially when you can carry the dictionary in your pocket or backpack electronically whether it is by the mobile phone, or the Ipad. It will continue to be the most utilized dictionary that there is.

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