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Definition of at:

Usage examples for at:

  • At this moment he returned. "Chippinge Borough" – Stanley J. Weyman
  • One thing at a time, please, O'Hagan. "The Brass Bowl" – Louis Joseph Vance
  • " Come," said I at last, " let us go to her." "54-40 or Fight" – Emerson Hough
  • " You should not have come to me at all," she said. "Can You Forgive Her?" – Anthony Trollope

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Part of Speech: Verb

To direct the eye to anything, in order to view it; direct the mind or attention; as, to look into a matter; front or face; as, my windows look out on a beautiful garden; watch; as, to look for news; appear; as, she looks happy; to depend or turn; as, citizens look to the state for protection. ...

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